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Our Services

Providing superior real estate solutions to exceed our customer expectations.

At Arkansas Travel Aires, Inc. our focus is on Property and Asset Management. We are able to handle all aspects of maintaining and improving your asset through fostering strong long-term relationships with tenants, vendors, lenders and you! While we do offer leasing services at our managed properties, we do understand that in some cases we might not be the best agent for your location so we will work hard to put you in front of the right team.

Our office utilizes Yardi Voyager Management Software which enables us to properly account for and track all pertinent lease, insurance, payments and maintenance items. This technology allows us to provide real-time reporting for common expense reconciliations.

Let us manage your real estate investments including, but not limited to:

Our Licensed Brokers also work with Event Managers and Sales Coordinators to fulfill reoccurring lodging requirements for special events and conventions. Supervising the Sales Coordinators work to deliver our standard services to our customer and achieve their financial goals with our Help People philosophy. Outsource our Brokers to manage the negotiations for your conventions or events while reducing personal liabilities.


Secondary Market

As a general principal, regardless of the real estate segment, you should follow one simple rule. USE A CONTRACT! We suggest the use of written agreements in all cases. Unless you know and highly trust the person, most often you are better off going through a brokerage, rather than attempting to navigate the unknown. This is where our experienced team of brokers can help manage your real estate transaction.

Depending on what you are setting out to do, your broker should take you from start to finish. If you currently own and want to rent or sell, your broker should include any listing or advertising efforts needed to generate purchasers. When found, you should expect your broker to qualify the purchasers’ ability to pay, then immediately follow through with a written agreement setting the confines and time table for the transaction. A reputable escrow, title, or closing company should be used to ensure proper transfer of property and funds as dictated in the contract.

If you are looking to purchase or lease property on the secondary market, you should expect the same thing. Use a contract and ensure your transaction is being guided through a broker. Your mind will be at peace, and your pocket will thank you later!


Property Rentals

We begin by investigating your requirements and needs for your upcoming vacation or short-term lease. Things like amenities, capacity, location and nearby facilities will all be considered. Once we understand your needs, we then filter our database based on your requirements to find the best match. After a choice is made on the property that works best for you, your Broker will begin negotiations. Every rental is ensured under contract and our Brokers’ commissions are paid at closing.


Property Resales

You’re going to want a well drafted agreement to safeguard your position within any real estate transaction. When undergoing a resale, it’s recommended that you go through a brokerage with a reputable history and the required licensing to successfully navigate your transaction.

If you’re the one selling, a broker will offer their services from the very beginning. This will include listings, filtering of prospects, drafting agreements, and collaboration with an established escrow, title or closing company. Whether you are thinking of purchasing or selling, you should always do your homework to ensure a smooth transaction.