About Us

We are a team of real estate professionals who strive to exceed expectations and get results.

About Us

We present the best homes, apartments and offices at affordable prices.

Time is of the essence! Planning and appropriate channeling is of utmost importance when dealing with or structuring any type of real estate transaction. Key elements and well-placed securities should never be overlooked due to a time crunch. Assuring that your best interest is kept as priority and making sure that your transaction takes the best path is our job at Arkansas Travel Aires, Inc..


Our Company

Your Arkansas Real Estate Experts

Welcome to Arkansastravelaires.com, your go-to for real estate and marketing services in Arkansas and everywhere in between. For decades, our fantastic team of highly trained professionals are recognized as the most trusted team in the Arkansas real estate market, pridefully founded on our unique ”Help People” philosophy. We're also one of Arkansas fastest-growing companies specializing in international real estate transactions, thanks to our unique and proven approach.

We fulfill more contracts than any other Arkansas real estate broker, delivering the finest services to help families find the perfect home. Arkansas Travel Aires® are also members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World for international referrals, allowing buyers and sellers access to both residential and commercial properties, as well as corporate accounts interested in large scale commercial property acquisitions.

If you're more interested in individual property rentals, Travel Aires Consultant and Broker Services offer a variety of personalized leasing services to both national and international investors, landlords, and tenants for homes, duplexes, and condos. We also lease apartments, condominiums and complexes through our Broker services specializing in client acquisition for distinct projects.


Count On Us

Help People: A Way of Life

At Travel Aires Consultant and Broker Services, our agents are inspired by the company’s motto of ”Help People”. On the first day of training, agents are encouraged to approach each client situation with the utmost care and respect, asking, ”What if this buyer were my parent, grandparent, or friend? What kind of experience would I want them to have?” By asking this simple question, our agents are able to give the highest level of service, simply by enacting the ”Golden Rule” in each unique situation.

”Help People” isn’t just a couple of words; it’s a way of life at Travel Aires Consultant and Broker Services. We follow three rules, which we guarantee our team will deliver to every one of our clients. Our promise:

  • Timeliness
  • Do what we say
  • Finish what we start

These principles are our way of showcasing old-fashioned and honest business ethics, building a relationship with our clients based on a mutual trust and respect. It’s no coincidence that Arkansas Travel AiresĀ® has been the #1 international marketing and sales team in the Arkansas real estate market since 1967, thanks largely to this defining Help People philosophy.